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Your wedding video at the highest level.

Our team is specializes in creating wedding films in a cinematic format. We rely on professional cameras, high-end video drones and editing technology.

All about your wedding video

Find frequently asked questions and answers.

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How is the Hochzeits-Dreh team organized?

Hochzeits-Dreh is professionally organized and is managed by a team of three. This ensures the exact scheduled execution of the contract.

How does the wedding couple manage to relax in front of the camera?

This point is very important. Only those who can relax can show natural emotions while being filmed. Therefore, we will make a few sample shots before we start with you in the day. If you are still a little nervous, our experienced camera team has enough tricks and ideas to calm you down and make the shooting fun. Through our unobtrusive, authentic way, we create a framework in which you can feel good and be completely yourself.

You will benefit if you inform your wedding guests in advance that the wedding is accompanied by a film team. This way everyone can adjust to it.

For the couple shooting we recommend from our experience only one other person, which can support for example with the wedding dress. More helpers can distract and make the shooting unrelaxed or hectic.

How does Hochzeits-Dreh work with other photographers?

An own photographer has already been organized? No problem. Cooperation and good collaboration are important to us. We would like to get in contact with your photographer in order to coordinate the teamwork. For this you can simply send us the contact. We take care of everything else with your consent and wishes.

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Weather conditions

What does the film team when it rains or snows?

A wedding can be planned down to the last detail, but on the weather we simply has no influence. However that should not disturb the atmosphere on your big day! Impressive shots are not only possible due to the sunshine and blue sky.

We from Hochzeits-Dreh are prepared to work in all weather conditions. In our arrangements for your wedding film is always included a second plan in case there is bad weather.

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Course of action

What´s next when we have decided to go for a wedding film with Hochzeits-Dreh?

The best way to get in touch with us, is to fill the contact form. You’ll find it at the bottom of our website. It is important to leave your wedding date, your name and email address or telephone number. Afterwards we will get back to you. You can also contact us directly. Everything you need is displayed above contact form.

How long do we need the videographer?

That depends on the scope of your wedding, your ideas and on which package you are going to decide for. Since every wedding is something special and unique, we will have time for you in a personal conversation to provide you with individual and comprehensive guidance. Our packages are flexible and can be adjusted to your personal wishes. We do not charge you per minute. For your perfect day and film, we can stay a bit longer if you wish.

Is the videographer giving instructions while being filmed?

In our work we attach importance to naturalness and authentic scenes. Our camera crew is experienced, concentrated and works unobtrusive in the background in order to not interfere with the ceremony and your feast. This is how the best recordings are made. If however the illumination is not 100% perfect we will correct this when your film will be edited.

How is the product presented?

The wedding film, pictures or other filmed parts will be handed on a USB data carrier or DVD naturally lovingly packaged.

How does the group shooting takes place?

What is more beautiful than a picture with the whole family and close friends. A good organization is important. No panic, we will discuss this point with you in the planning and anchoring it in the “script” as a highlight.

How do you record the bridal couple shooting?

According to experience it is an advantage to hold the bridal couple shooting in the morning. At this time the make-up is still fresh, you are full of tension and your outfit sits perfectly.

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Camera & Technique

What happens if your camera does not work?

In rare cases, it can happen that high-sensitivity technique can fail. But you as a wedding couple should not worry about such things. We are prepared for this kind of situations and always backed up with a backup system. Our data storage is also professionally organized. So you can focus on your special day and rely on great, high-quality recordings.

What kind of camera equipment do you use?

We at Hochzeits-Dreh know which photo and video equipment is best suited to capture weddings from the most beautiful angles and offer you a view different options. If we for example shot with a videodrohne or a slowmotion cinecam, depends on your ideas, the package you have booked and the local conditions. In a personal meeting we will find the perfect setting for your wedding. Check out our wedding showreel on our website and decide yourself if we meet your personal taste.


A overview of other services we provide



Music, Cut & Editing

What comes after the wedding shoot?

Once the wedding shoot is completed, the video files will be sorted, reviewed and edited by us. With the help of modern film and video software, we transform the recorded raw files into a unique wedding film. Effects for the cinematic look and integration of music, script and information as well as the professional sound mixing and color correction are already included in our service to refine the film. Of course, we also work on your ideas and wishes – this is as well an important part of the preliminary talk.

Depending on the booked package you will get the finished video or the selected sequences on a USB device lovingly packed and of course online to download and as a link to share with your family and friends.

Can we choose the music?

The matching song to your wedding film is an important element to underline moods, moments and situations. In a personal conversation, we will coordinate this with you. The use of music licensed under the GEMA repertoire as part of the film is not free of charge. But you do not have to worry about that. As a full-service agency, we present you our top titles of license-free music.


Aerial & Video

How does aerial videography work?

As an addition to the wedding film, we offer you the service of breathtaking aerial videography. The total duration of the flights are between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the package.

Our team has many years of experience in operating drones and an official approval from the German Aerospace Agency to fly an unmanned aircraft.


Services & Wedding Photographer

Do you offer wedding photos too?

We from Hochzeits-Dreh are specialized in filming and aerial videography. We have a large network of professional wedding photographers and offer additional services outside our bookable packages.

When will we get the film?

We want to produce a wedding film that you love and which you can enjoy again and again in the next decades. For this we need some creative time and this depends on how much recordings we took. The main film is usually cut in 4 to 6 weeks. In the wedding season, it may take a bit longer.

What about the right of use?

Hochzeits-Dreh reserves the right of use of the wedding film. The wedding video can be uploaded for public use and shared at Facebook or any other social network as you like. At Facebook we only wish to be mentioned with a specific name that is in generally called credit. “The credit is the naming of the names or the agency which was involved in the production.”

With what do we have to calculate when we need you longer than planned?

If this is the case, there is no problem. If it fits with our schedule, we like to stay longer. We won’t charge you per minute. Only if you hit a full hour of extra work we will charge you accordingly to our pricelist. Please don´t hesitate to ask us for our hourly wage.

Can we book you for our wedding abroad?

A wedding video shoot abroad is no problem. We speak fluent English and Spanish. Please contact us in time so we can plan with time ahead.

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Prices, Additional costs & Payment

Are there several packages which we can choose?

Hochzeits-Dreh offers several packages, which differ according to the time of the videographer booked on the event and length of the wedding film.

Is there anything else to add to the cost of the package?

This is the same like with any other service providers, travel expenses and overnight accommodation costs are added for the team.

How do you calculate the prices?

Our prices are measured by the following: equipment, effort and length of the film and the shooting time at the location. The reviewing and processing of the material as well as the video cut usually takes four times as long as the filmed time on the day of the wedding.

How does it work with the payment?

In the preliminary talk we will discuss the down payment which is done upfront in order to reserve your date in our calendar. The remaining payment is made when sending the finished wedding film.

Tips & Tricks

Do you also accompany us to the couple shooting?

We do not want to miss the couple shooting, to capture this moment in moving pictures is a great highlight.

Do you need a storyboard for the wedding film?

In order to capture all important moments on the wedding day, a “storyboard” is crucial for the final video. There is no second chance to re-record a scene, so we work out a list of the desired recordings (scenes of the bride, bridegroom, close-up of the invitation card, flowers, gifts, rings or the cut of the cake) which you definitely want to see in your video.

From our experience, we can say that the preparation of a storyboard is definitely worthwhile.

Wedding Film & Photography

If you have any question please to give us a call or send an e-mail!

Take a moment to get an impression of our latest work.

Many thanks to our lovely couples for publication!

Our wedding video prices and packages



Wedding Film

8h Camera accompaniment
Ceremony accompaniment
Photoshoot accompaniment
10 Minute full HD wedding film
Aerial Videography
Slow motion cinecam in use



Wedding Film

10h Camera accompaniment
Getting Ready scenes
Ceremony accompaniment
Photoshoot accompaniment
15 Minute full HD wedding film
Aerial videography
3 min Trailer or complete ceremony
Slow motion cinecam in use



Wedding Film

12h Camera accompaniment
Two Videographers on site
Getting Ready scenes
Ceremony accompaniment
Photoshoot accompaniment
Dinner & Party
20 min. wedding film
Aerial Videography
Slow motion cinecam in use
3 min Trailer
Full ceremony film



Film & Photo

10h Film & Photo
one filmmaker & one photographer
500 edited photos & 50 photo prints
Bride and groom shooting
Group pictures
Dinner & Party
1 year premium online galerie
15 Minute Full HD wedding film
Aerial Videography
Slow motion cinecam in use
3 min Trailer or complete ceremony
Wooden box with USB

Extra Services & Films


Trailer 2-4 Min. |  300,-
Full Ceremony Film | 350,-
Full speeches as extra film | 250,-
RAW material incl. Harddrive | 250,-

Extra Hour incl. editing and postproduction | 150,- per hour
Individual Editing Service | 90,- per hour

Express Editing Photo | 100,-
All photos within 1 week (regular editing time 4-6 weeks)
Express Editing Film | 200,-
All films within 1 week (regular editing time 4-6 weeks)

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Who is behind Hochzeits-Dreh?

Focused, innovative and inspired by icons of the film industry, the team has shaped its own signature. Their distinctive technical understanding of modern film equipment and the passion about sophisticated cinematic movie production makes their films unique.

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